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Digital Smile Makeovers

Digital Smile Makeover technology is much more than before and after shots. It's everything in between that makes the Digital Smile Makeover invaluable to dentists or patients wanting a "carry out" dental plan.

It’s the core of a treatment plan that any good dentist uses to plan out a detailed procedure. It may initially appear to be just before and after shots but in reality it’s a step by step digital representation of a proposed dental treatment.

In order to produce the after shots, we perform an exhaustive digital analysis of the patients' mouth in it's existing state. Step by step, we digitally construct the proposed treatment until we arrive at the after shots.

For Dentists

Dentists are finding this process indispensable. The benefits are compelling:
Digital makeovers allow you to test and double check your Treatment Plan. The process often highlights complications that would otherwise remain hidden until surgery. The visuals clearly demonstrate value, which often leads to the acceptance of the proposed treatment.

That's not to say that the before and after shots by themselves aren't important. They are important. They are often the thing that patients identify with the most. They perform an important role in convincing a patient to proceed with a treatment.

Siida Dental Ceramics adds value to your practice wherever possible. To this end, we are finding that we are often able to help with the presentation of the treatment plan to the patient.

We not only help you prepare the presentation, we make ourselves available for the presentation. Our independent opinion often helps the patient arrive at a conclusion.

We aim to complement and work within your process to help you achieve your goals. You can use us as you see fit. Dentists are finding that our experience in working across dental surgeries can put us in a unique position to help you construct and present convincing plans.Double Click to Edit
You recognise that you need dental work, however you are uncertain about how to proceed. Even a subtle change in your smile helps you to project an image of self-confidence and high self esteem. When you feel good about yourself, it shows in your appearance. Today’s advanced techniques and materials can make a real difference, and the skill, experience, and commitment of Siida Dental Ceramics can help you make that change. We work with the best dentists and use our network to source the optimum dentist for you to work with.

Why Choose Siida Dental Ceramics?

By choosing Siida Dental Ceramics you can be guaranteed to receive a high quality product, that is manufactured at the Siida Dental Ceramics lab in Melbourne. Furthermore, we provide responsive and caring service and advice to help you achieve the desired result.

For Patients

Siida Dental Ceramics offers it’s Digital Smile Makeover service direct to patients.  A clear and safe path to a beautiful smile.

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