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All-On-4 Program

We're not just Australia’s leading Dental Lab.


Massively Increase Profits With Our All-On-4 Program

We've had huge success working with select dentists across Australia. Our All-On-4 program has resulted in a 25% revenue growth for many of these practises.

Our ability to communicate with your patients, as well as work seamlessly within your practice, is a major reason why our program has been so successful.

We're sure you'll be convinced once you meet with us and hear the details. Call us on (03) 9417 7908 , or provide us with your contact details and we'll get straight back to you. Alternatively, find out more about our All-On-4 program here.

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Don’t Outsource Your Reputation - Work With The Best

Your dental business and dental career are founded upon quality, integrity, and the pursuit of excellence. You’ve worked hard to build your reputation.

Don’t put it at risk by working with sub-premium products.

Supply chain management is an important part of your dentistry business, and working with Siida Dental Ceramics simplifies the task.

Our 100% in-house production Laboratory means:

  • Quality is tightly controlled and is at an extremely high level,
  • We take full Responsibility for all facets of the supply chain,
  • Our structure enables full and transparent Communication so that your feedback is carefully considered and acted upon,
  • We can react to Tight Deadlines, turnaround times, and emergencies,
  • We Embrace Dental Technology, innovate and work on the cutting edge.

Helping You Work On The Cutting Edge

Are you using a dental scanner to implement model free crowns? Fantastic, we support and promote digital dentistry and can work with your scans.

Perhaps you don’t own a scanner. Don’t worry, you can borrow ours.

Want to double check your dental treatment plans using the digital analysis from our digital smile makeover? No problem, we’ll help you with that.

Would you like to expand your services to include All On 4 but lack the resources? We have a dentist and anaesthetist ready, so go ahead and offer the service. You can leave the detail to us.

These are just some examples of why we are Australia’s most dynamic and cutting edge dental laboratory.

Dentistry is on the move. We push the limits of the traditional relationship between laboratory and dentist to support you in areas you may not have even thought of.

By working with Siida Dental Ceramics you can be sure that you are working with Australia’s best.

Are you a dentist looking for a cutting edge lab?


Specialising in All-on-4 Implants


All-on-4 is a dental implant system for permanent teeth replacement. Achieve optimal results, simpler long-term maintenance, and easier teeth cleaning with zirconia implants at Siida Dental Ceramics.

Premium service in 48 hours


When time is of the essence, we offer a premium service with a fast turnaround. Discover first-class service in a heartbeat, or within 48 hours to be exact.

Digital Smile Makeover


Digital Smile Makeover technology is much more than before and after shots. It’s everything in between that makes the Digital Smile Makeover invaluable to dentists.



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